We get asked to participate in a number of structured ideation initiatives for enterprise and mid-sized businesses. In many cases, the goal for our client is to "jump-start" innovation into specific areas within the organization.  

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Ideation and Innovation need a "Forcing Action" to gain the momentum inside an organization that is required to drive to implementation. For example, in a company where the product portfolio needs a boost from new products (because competitors are stealing share), there can be meaningful ideation sessions and new product grading around these ideas - so that we know which ones have the strongest chance for success. However, to get these product thru prototyping, development, pilot testing and full market launch - a forcing action is required. In many cases, the market forcing action we strive for can be "season buying periods", industrial tradeshow schedules - or other dates on the calendar. Without a forcing action, the hard work needed to let go of other priorities and focus limited resources on the new ideas, can be overwhelming for most organizations. 

With a forcing action, the organization use this as a rally point to drive activities.