I’ve gotten a lot of comments on the topic of guerrilla marketing. Some are energized by the discussion, others are still not sure what it means or specifically how to apply it to their business goals. Fair enough. Here is another post that adds some additional context to the topic.

Let’s pull on this thread a bit: Boss (or head of sales) wants more done in marketing, or “Isn’t sure” what the marketing department does. He/She may have even said this during a company meeting, or at a leadership team gathering. It’s hurtful, but a somewhat common situation. We can’t always expect the senior leaders to remember the cumulative impact of all the marketing efforts. Even marketers aren’t sure sometimes.

So if you’ve ever been in this situation, you have to rally quickly. Get over the feelings and go guerrilla. You will be amazed what you can do – and how much energy you create for the organization.

I hope you are not offended by the image above, it demonstrates a highly successful guerilla approach. In this case, using the tactic “cut in line”. If you didn’t see the first post on Guerilla Marketing – 6 guiding principles, go here. The cut in line approach can really work wonders for those on a limited budget doing event marketing. At your next event or trade expo, try to find ways to force the crowd to see your message. The goal here is not the biggest pavilion in the hall, it’s the most cost effective way to “shout your message”. We are not talking about passive voice, sitting in a tree waiting for the prey to come by, we are talking about getting the camo paint on, reconnoitering and taking the fight to the market. At every event I attend, I see many companies cutting in line. Are you one of these? Your boss or sales leader will soon be your strongest proponent, and the funding for marketing projects will change dramatically.

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