While we find interest in many things, we are currently focused on 7 major market areas. Some might use words like sector, verticals or industries but we define them just a bit differently. We see intersections and synergies. We find that customers live in more than one area and are influenced by their Technology, Aerospace & Defense, Telecom, Electrification, Autonomous Systems, and Advertising.

These seven major market areas are certainly distinct but share some common threads. For example, Electrification, Autonomous Systems, Technology & AI has development and application crossing many different industries. And the Innovation work we are doing in Aerospace and Defense, and Telecommunications can often trickle down into other industries as well.

For each of the markets we serve, we have subject matter experts onboard. These SMEs have experience in client-side leadership positions as well as contemporary knowledge of the market landscape. We have current scans of customers, competitors and disruptive technology for each of our market areas - and we use them to guide our growth ideas. You will find that CEVOH experts can tailor revenue plans and growth initiatives to each of the market focus areas.

More importantly, we have a track record in revenue performance for these seven markets we serve.

aerospace & defense

High Growth, New Technologies and Strict Performance Criteria

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CEVOH Aerospace and Defense Consulting specializes in helping business leaders and their companies meet the needs of US and International defense marketplace. Our SME expertise and networks are in many of the top DoD research and development priorities. These include defense avionics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous systems, unmanned systems and helmet mounted cueing.


Disruptive Technology has Changed the Face of This Industry. Significant Opportunity Exists to Clarify Value and Ad Spending ROI.

We believe that the process of intelligent disruption for the advertising industry will accelerate thru this decade. Buyers will demand more clarity for ROI. Those unprepared will be left behind as they will not see the clear and present threat and by the time they understand what has happened it will be too late. While the pace of change is accelerating, so is the ability to capitalize on these trends and to rapidly reroute your business and profitability from a disrupted track to a transformed course.

autonomous systems

Driverless, Automation and AI Capabilities will Provide Options

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Many industries will benefit from the speedy progress being made by autonomous system providers. In this decade, proof of concepts will evolve into rapid product prototyping and then into market trial. This will impact millions of consumers with positive user experiences – but safety and privacy issues will need special considerations. CEVOH will be providing support, guidance and revenue growth ideas.  


Better Batteries, Primary and Secondary Systems Pave the Way

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What started with diesel/hybrid and hydraulics replaced with motors is quickly evolving to sensors, 5G, AI and micro electric technology. Energy efficiency of devices is being combined with better batteries and many industries and consumers are seeing benefits. We expect technology to play an important part in disruption – while creating many new revenue opportunities.

small Medium business

Over 5 Million Strong in the U.S. Account for 34% of All Jobs.

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As an established business owner, or a business owner who’s recently opened your doors, there’s a lot of uncertainty ahead of you. In some cases, you only get a few changes to get things right. With over 30 years of experience helping grow small and medium sized business, we will help you avoid the pitfalls and clarify the opportunities.


This Industry is a Powerful Enabler of Change for All Other Industries

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As a provider of technology and AI, your firm is experiencing incredibly rapid changes. Many of these are transformational and others are disruptive. Your firm can focus on what you do best while we build powerful revenue plans. Our plans will let you capture new business while maintaining core product revenue streams – so you will soon achieve significant future growth.


Significant Changes for Providers of Voice, Data and Enhanced Content and Entertainment

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The traditional telecom industry continues yet another decade of significant change. Pipe, speed and content are combining with new technology and evolving business models. We look for the M&A activity to stabilize along with the competition for wireless marketshare. Fragmentation and movement from bundling will continue.