CEVOH provides passion, expertise and ideas. Our clients include enterprise, mid-size, start-up firms, other consulting companies and select small businesses. Our advantage is that we are a boutique firm – able to move quickly and flexibly focus on your issues. We rally specialized expertise to meet your specific needs.

Our strength is achieving transformational results.

Our team has extensive experience and a demonstrated track record of improving business performance. We bring innovation, creativity and fresh ideas. A summary of these are found in our insight pages and featured content sections.


John Klein partner, Managing Director

John and CEVOH have current sector experience inside the Defense Technology, Telecommunications, Industrial Technology, Media and Data/Software industries.

John has an extensive consultant and client-side resume in senior sales and marketing leadership positions with Verizon, GTE, and several Internet media companies. He has worked extensively in these roles with consulting firms including Bain, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company.

John has an extensive background in business management with a degree in this discipline from The University of Texas. He also has completed graduate studies in economics and business management.  John has completed various continuing education courses at Kellogg, Wharton, MIT and London School of Business.

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Kelly Dameron Partner - Aerospace, Defense and Government

Kelly has built a recognized defense industry resume in various advanced engineering and senior business leadership roles with Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Elbit Systems of America. He is an insightful and innovative technology business executive specializing in leading people, companies and customers to effective solutions and sustained profitable growth.

As part of the CEVOH team Kelly serves DoD and high-tech businesses as an executive consultant and mentor with insightful techniques and guidance for the challenging aspects of enterprise and staff leadership, strategic planning, innovation culture, campaign competitiveness, and customer relationship management.

Kelly has a growth oriented, technology based approach and is known and appreciated for his people centered style. He is a graduate of The University of Arkansas and has completed leadership curriculums as part of Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems, along with Executive Business continuing education courses at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business.

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Nathan Smalley.jpg

Nathan Smalley partner - Technology

Nathan Smalley is a CEVOH Partner – Enterprise Architect, Software Developer, and Tech Researcher.  Nathan has built and lead software engineering teams in both fortune 500 companies as well as the startup space.  He has developed & scaled large global Software as a Service platforms, integrations and mashups, as well as mobile apps.  His experience within telecommunication, sales & marketing, media and data/software industries are well rounded.  As part of the CEVOH team Nathan serves high-tech businesses and emerging technology as an executive consultant and mentor with insightful techniques, practical guidance, and problem solving that focuses on the nexus between business and technology.

Nathan has a retrospective, high energy, and collaborate approach and is known for designing tech & process solutions that makes sense for each clients’ unique market and situation.  He has first hand experience in preparing and raising venture capital, the growing pains of a tech startup, as well as maximizing intellectual property. 

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