Business Focused Strategic Advice, Planning and Networking

  • Relevant Strategies provide a unifying roadmap and an engaged connection of roles, efforts and objectives within companies and teams. The CEVOH partners and network combine proven career executives that have delivered impressive corporate growth results with a cutting edge awareness of DoD budget and operational priorities so that strategies and plans will be on the mark for the future.

  • The CEVOH Strategic Planning approach starts with focused development or revalidation of enterprise Vision, Mission and Value statements. Against this backdrop we encourage timely assessment of DoD budgets and trends for areas of customer needs and growth. Against these backdrops, client concentration or diversification areas are identified and clear but purposely simple plans are developed.

  • The CEVOH team objective is that after an effective strategic planning effort our clients are able to answers these important questions about their business:

Why do we exist? (Mission)

Where are we going? (Vision)

How will we conduct ourselves? (Values)

What will we do? (Competitive Edge)

How will we measure success? (Performance)

What improvements or changes do we need to make? (Innovation) 


Innovation and Technology

Key Growth Drivers for Aerospace & Defense Market Focus

In-Sourced Innovation Program Delivery

  • New Product Innovation, whether adjacent to current offerings or transformational from cutting edge technologies, is essential for meeting and exceeding market needs. CEVOH leads client cross-functional teams through gathering insight and best practice approaches for ideation and conceptual development. Then the work shifts to a unique “features / benefits” format for clearer grading, filtering and prioritization against resources.

  • This focused innovation effort provides clients an opportunity to source their own experts and leaders as well as CEVOH SMEs for valuable market disruption ideas. We work to compile and format what is normally a wide range of concepts and ideas into standardized one-page brochures for evaluation. When a client team is enabled to dream, focus and prioritize, real actionable competitive advantages emerge… driving profitable new business.   

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While Low Sonic Boom Technology is Here,

cevoh business development programs will help you create Shockwaves

Business Development Campaigns, Capture and Proposal Development

  • Successful wins start with linking strategic plans and market positions to capture planning and execution. The CEVOH group works with client teams to identify key opportunities, foster strong industry relationships, provide competitor analysis, develop win strategies and themes and provide color team feedback. CEVOH partners understand how to win defense business for long term profitable growth.

  • CEVOH used defense market campaign planning expertise to assist an embedded avionics manufacturer client in developing a comprehensive decision matrix of the owners, influencers and implementors of a new system selection. This directed relationship building generated an effective communication plan for multi-level company messaging and technical requirements influence, leading to a more informed and competitive winning proposal.  

  • A very recent effort involved a client with advanced Augmented Reality technology winning a key research and development 3-D software development contract with a leading defense firm. In framing the business potential, CEVOH helped justify and incentivize the client for focused advanced development work that became a clear and discriminating indicator of understanding and existing capability, reducing perceived risk in this cutting edge field and leading to selection and initial contract award. 

CEVOH Business Intelligence Provides Essential Insights Identify Market Trends

CEVOH Business Intelligence Provides Essential Insights Identify Market Trends

Defense Technologies, Trends and Market Research

  • Timely and accurate business intelligence provides essential insights from target markets, key customers and competitors. CEVOH SCANS is a comprehensive relationship based on relevant and customized market research. This intelligence is gathered using our private intel resources, tools and SMEs, and provided for discussion by our senior CEVOH partners.

  • The CEVOH SCANS relationship Strategic Growth Dashboard is customized to the client business model, interests and needs. This dashboard includes a complete business intelligence overview developed initially with the CEVOH team to customize content for effectiveness and clarity. This information is monitored and updated by CEVOH SMEs monthly via our business intel resources and tools.

  • CEVOH SCANs include regular monitoring of designated competitors’ tactical and strategically relevant intel - news feeds, blogs, deep web content, sub-contractor details, awards, financials, win themes, customer satisfaction / impressions, pricing ranges (where available)


CEVOH Has over 30 years of experience

in Military Aviation and Avionics

Military Aviation and Avionics Subject Matter Expertise

  • As aviation platforms and systems are developed and proceed through their life cycle, maintaining a grasp on product and program specifics is challenging. The operational and technical aspects of current and future products must be understood and addressed to yield effective systems for US warfighters and maintainers. CEVOH partners lead teams to a total system perspective at any level of the supply chain, providing insights where it counts.

  • Defense acquisition is a complex but well-defined process. At every stage there is an opportunity to increase a competitive edge either by influence or mere increased awareness. CEVOH experts have experience in multiple types and variations of competitive defense industry acquisition, at all levels of the supply chain.

  • Technology that is leading today can/will be treated as a commodity tomorrow. Understanding and using modern design and process tools based on advanced analytics and IoT connectivity to manage the product life cycles across the range of technologies, products, systems and platforms in military aviation is often the difference between notoriety for an initial win and building a long-tanding brand reputation in the marketplace. The only thing constant in the market is change. We encourage clients in these scenarios to beyond the daily management fires to a perspective of market relevance, continued customer satisfaction and profitable business growth. 

  • Our SME expertise and networks are in many of the top DoD research and development priorities. These include defense avionics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous systems, unmanned systems and helmet mounted cueing.