We invite you to explore the website. Inside you will see our passion for creating customer value, outdistancing the competition and growing revenue. You will find quite a bit of usable insight and some thought provoking ideas on proven ways to improving revenue. Even if you are attracted to one specific part – you may like seeing the different markets and how there are common threads. Take the assessments, participate in the surveys…challenge our thinking and we will yours.

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A Spark or a Lightening Storm - Either Way We Consult for Results

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Our teams are staffed and led by senior individuals who are actively involved throughout the projects they lead. We Provide Actionable Recommendations and Detailed Implementation Blueprints. We go beyond strategic recommendations to develop clear, actionable programs that are tailored to your business capabilities and resources. We partner with clients from strategy to execution to ensure successful implementations.


We Will Show You How a Strong Strategy Creates Alignment

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This includes initiatives that guide the business externally while reflecting a view of the company’s internal essence. We help you create strong employee values and performance. CEVOH will help develop and enhance your business strategies, competitive advantage, optimize product platforms and ultimately determine how value is monetized. We also include initiatives that guide the ways people talent is enhanced.


An Enabler That Creates Efficiency and a Path Forward

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Our Business Intelligence expertise provides custom insight reporting to help you be better prepared, exploit the competition, and exceed customer expectations. Our reports are economical, thorough and easy to understand. They are built to your specific needs and the needs of the markets you will encounter. They create alignment. And, did we say they are vetted be experts? They are.


More Powerful Than a Locomotive, Able to Leap Tall Buildings…

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From our experience with best practice companies, substantial revenue is generated from effective innovation. We use a proven six step process that includes: Customer insight gathering, outlining strategic approaches and governance to amplify innovation, ideation across a broad spectrum of approaches, ideas into product concepts, grading/filtering and a build/buy analysis.

create value

More Important Than Many Would Think. We will Show You How

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It’s challenging to do this with internal resources. So often there are different daily priorities and perhaps obvious departmental disconnects that bleed energy. And then there’s Inertia – that quality that keeps things going even when you want to stop. Creating incremental value requires outside help and transformational approaches. This is where we come in.

sales & marketing

A Classic Revenue Builder

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This is a core competency of expertise for CEVOH, and we are proud of our track record here. We’ve helped many companies with revenue success who want more, start-ups and also companies in trouble. Our secret here is that we are really good at strategy, we make sure we know the customers and markets, and we sweat the details.

Technology & ai

The Key for Many to Achieve Sustained Efficient Revenue Growth

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We see Technology and AI as four interlocked focus areas for our firm – An Expertise, A Market Focus, an Enabler for Many Business Processes, and as an Innovative Forcing Function for the future of most organizations. With these four areas capturing much of our time and imagination, we are working hard to help others fully understand the revenue opportunities.