CEVOH Validates Performance from Growth Initiatives to Ensure Revenue Lift

CEVOH Validates Performance from Growth Initiatives to Ensure Revenue Lift

Growth Initiatives

Most of our clients hire us simply to grow revenue. Our Growth Initiatives Focus includes key initiatives that greatly impact how we retain and grow revenue from current and new customers. These initiatives are often company-wide. They guide the way we approach the customer and help us be more effective and efficient. CEVOH provides a best practices roadmap that shows how to organize customer facing employees, what type of training and credentials they need, how we reach customers with new insight and how we develop relationships. A significant point of influence is ‘going to market’ and rallying internal resources for maximum market effect. The Growth Initiatives Focus also includes how to approach the sales organization, channels and resellers to provide better support and influence over their success. CEVOH works extensively with management teams to organize and optimize the new product development approaches – often reducing concept to launch times by one-half.  Finally, there is a specific initiative designed to grow revenue, improve the customer experience and reduce costs.


CEVOH provides a number of specific initiatives designed to help your business become a more effective sales organization. We have worked with both small and large organizations to develop approaches that result in a better customer experience, improved acquisition and retention, and higher revenues. In addition the approaches we suggest are always made with care and attention to improving the sales channels as a key asset. This involves making sure the sales team is optimized and balanced to perform. Ask us about sales productivity, optimizing SalesForce®, adoption of technology, coaching for effect, Sales Manager improvements and compensation. 


CEVOH partners have had great success improving go-to-market approaches. We implement best practice approaches that are customized to your specific sector to improve speed and market effect. Our team works with your team to organize and facilitate G2M sessions with key stakeholders to build structure and approaches to care for these concerns. Our secret sauce for effective G2M impact includes: inclusion; concurrency to shorten the schedule; beta customers and beta reps; care for revenue migration; and ‘look-back’ analytics.


One of the hottest ways to ‘sell’ now is by using Insight Selling Approaches. These approaches create powerful relationship drivers between your firm, the end user and the customer. A significant evolution from Product selling or even solutions selling, Insight Selling helps you establish your reps as indispensable experts for their clients.

The rewards for transitioning your organization to Insight Selling can be huge – but it does require strong integration points between your sales, marketing and operations departments to orchestrate meaningful customer touches. CEVOH can show you how.


Best in Class organizations generally derive more revenue from new product introductions than do followers in their sector. This requires the right balance of rigor and creative process – so that the innovation pipeline is always full, and only the best ideas go to market.

CEVOH has a proven product development approach that increases speed to market and higher success rates. Our approach includes mining supply side relationships, strategic partnerships, input from strategic accounts and input from customer facing departments. We couple this approach with proprietary rack/stack exercises and proven market trial methods. We never let system limitations slow down new product introductions.  


Portals bring the tribe together. As simple as a specialized website, or mobile app, portals provide a single sign-on source of insight and user value. CEVOH has implemented portals for specific customers, reseller channels, sales organizations, and client verticals. With their ability to educate, persuade and ‘sell direct’, portals have become a powerful growth initiative for many organizations.


Many organizations are still viewing customer service as a cost center. This can be changed by developing a plan to transform this organization to an extension of the sales organization. Customer issues can be mapped and forwarded to front line sales to help prevent these from occurring. Remediation can include specific retention offers that fit the organization and improve the customer experience. Finally, upsale growth initiatives can be implemented that include migration to better offerings and increased revenue.