CEVOH Performance Guarantee

What kind of a revenue consulting firm offers a guarantee? CEVOH does. This sounds crazy – but it’s true. We want to help you succeed. To help you say yes, we will back our work with a guarantee.

Here’s how it works. CEVOH builds plans and helps you implement these. We build elegant, thoughtful, and action based plans based on proven techniques and innovative ideas. Once the plans are approved, we find that most organizations (even with our help) will typically implement them at around 80%. This means some bits and pieces will get pushed down, or saved for later. The CEVOH plans are so good that they work – even with 80% implementation. 

For us to give a guarantee – the customer (you) has to give a little, too. You have to promise to achieve at least 80% implementation on our plans. Of course, we will help you implement the plans we’ve come up with. We want you to succeed. How do we measure the 80%? We will work with you to outline all the important tasks of a plan and then score each one with a simple method. You will participate in the scoring – as you have the most to gain with better implementation. Our experience on scoring - by the time we get to the scoring, we will know each other pretty well and will reasonably agree on the score. These are the current areas we offer the CEVOH Performance Guarantee:

  • All of our project based revenue consulting areas

  • Strategy development

  • Innovation jumpstarts

  • Value creation

  • Sales & Marketing

CEVOH Performance Guarantee

If you hire CEVOH to build revenue plans and you implement these to a score of at least 80%, we guarantee they will create revenue lift for you. And, if you don’t realize the lift – you do not pay.