ways we can work together

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We often do things for free to get started. This allows us to spend time to understand your specific situation and add some value quickly. This will evolve to us proposing a paid engagement. The type of engagement is purely up to you and can be customized to your needs. For example, we have implemented these types in recent years:

  • Proposal based with a statement of work – hourly fees or flat fees are proposed as estimates or firm quotes to meet your needs. The hourly fees are based on the type of specialists we assign. We are always mindful of client value with a proposal based engagement

  • Monthly retainer – for ongoing projects this is typically an even higher value for the client. When we know what’s expected over longer periods of time, we reward a discount for the volume of work. A retainer engagement can also ‘flex’ to include various specialists as a project evolves.

  • Start-up, tune-up engagement – with very experienced subject matter experts, CEVOH sometimes gets asked to join your team temporarily and work with you to either form a department, or improve the contribution of an existing department. We enjoy bringing new ideas and working directly with your teams.

  • Fractional service assignment -  In this engagement, you are hiring CEVOH expertise and knowledge, but at a fraction of the full pricing. One of our seasoned executives will become your Chief Revenue Officer – but for a ¼ or 1/3 of the full year hours. Example: we devote 6 days a month to your needs in-house, remote or a combination as the standing CRO to jumpstart your effort. The benefit to you is a fraction of a full year fully loaded salary, and the backing of the CEVOH team and experience.

  • Services – Many times a client will ask us for help to implement plans. This will include generating work product in a number of areas including (but not limited to): analytics, data models, software and coding, rapid product prototyping, mixed media applications, mobile applications, traditional and digital promotions.

  • Another idea? – We pretty open, please just ask.